Born in the hyperactive city of Hong Kong, I traded in the urban life for suburbia when my family immigrated to America when I was young. I attended UCLA, graduated with a degree in Design, and moved north to San Francisco to join the dotcom frenzy at Yahoo!.

I love to travel and am thankful to have been to 22 different countries, but I don't think I can ever get the travel bug outta me. The most memorable experiences include witnessing Korea's win over Italy by a golden goal at the 2002 World Cup in Korea, hiking in Cinque Terre in Italy, and viewing the Hong Kong skyline on the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor at night.

I have a fascination with airports ever since planes were flying breathtakingly low over Kowloon towards the famous Kai Tak airport. To me, airports are places where national borders seems to fade, and people from different countries begin or conclude their journeys. You can see kids pressing their faces on the windows in wonder of the jumbojet, or families and friends laughing and hugging as they see their loved ones coming out of the gate. Yes, I have selective memory. What airport horror stories? What crazy layovers and security checks? Not in my dreams...

Photography is also one of my interests. You can check out some of my photographs on my flickr account.

We all find inspirations around us everyday. Here's some of mine that you might like. Enjoy!

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